Burning Questions

Editorial Design
w/ Sina Gösele

To this day, design, its teaching and history(-ies) are influenced by white, male, eurocentric and heteronormative narratives and world views. With the growing attention to feminist design discourses in the last decades, it has become clear that these power structures are difficult to dismantle. Still, there are too few voices that dominate the design world, while important questions enjoy relevance only in certain filter bubbles. How can we shine a light on these questions? How do we maintain a dialogue that flourishes by making many voices and positions heard? What needs to change in universities and institutions to make space for these topics?

Burning Questions aims to give space to the unheard choirs and masses that speak over and through each other. Hooked by the current discussions in design theory, our mission is to encourage fellow students, teachers, friends and allies to reflect and question design pedagogy. By asking meaningful questions, fruitful conversations can arise that lead us towards different paths and developments. Exchanging thoughts, experiences and knowledge plays a crucial role in these ephemeral times. Collective intelligence is needed to create productive relationality within design. In order to learn, unlearn and relearn we must stick together.

This publication includes the submitted posters and questions from an open call, opening a horizon of perspectives from Germany, over Egypt to the Philippines. Setting them into the context of Design Justice, similar projects and extracted questions from the design pedagogy discourse, they challenge the prevailing structures of design teaching.

148 x 190 mm